Sarah and Nick – Engaged!

When Nick stepped out of the car I commented “Hmmm…you sure look familiar. ” I had met and really like Sarah, but this was the first time I’d met Nick….or so I thought. The conversation went like this:

Me: “Where did you grow up, Nick?

Nick: “Stockton”

Me: “Where’d you go to High School?”

Nick: “Bear Creek”

Me: “Where’d you go to Elementary School?”

Nick: “Wagner-Holt”

Me: “Who was your PE Teacher?”

Nick “Mrs. Ma……”  he stops short and looked at me with a huge smile


So how cool is that? I used to teach for Lodi Unified School District and Nick was one of my students! Sarah had to listen to us talk school talk and how’s this person,

that person, this teacher retired, etc….but then we took off for San Francisco and had a great day.  Here are some of my favorite images from the day.

Found some cool backdrops

The fog rolled in with a vengeance at Baker Beach

Then we went for dinner at Cha Cha Cha’s and found some fun murals

And Nick and Sarah became artwork themselves!

Diane and Eric Married at Holy Cross!

Diane and Eric had a beautiful wedding at Holy Cross Church in Linden. After the formal photos we had a chance to stop at a relative’s ranch and take photos in the cherry orchards, which were in full bloom. It was a perfect day and you could just feel the happiness coming from this happy couple. The reception was held at Lockeford Springs Golf and Country Club just outside of Lodi where Diane’s aunt did a FABULOUS job on the decorations and flowers. Balthazar did a great job keeping everyone on the dance floor and it sure looked like everyone had a great time. Congratulations Diane and Eric!




Snow White Engagement Session!

Our plan was to head to the mountains with our snowboarding gear, get some photos and then play for the rest of the day. But plans are meant to be broken. As it turned out we all had something going on back home mid afternoon so instead of cancelling all together, we decided just to make it a photo shoot in the snow. And boy howdy…it was SNOWING! We couldn’t have chosen a better day to be in the Sierras. Ryan and Victoria and I had a great time tromping in the fresh powder taking photos and just playing like kids. (Yes, I made them do snow angels!) Here are some of my favorite images.






Viaggio Weddings!

I’m really looking forward to my weddings at Viaggio Estate and Winery this season. I’ve been shooting lots of engagement sessions as well and Jennifer and Burak wanted to take their engagement photos on the property earlier this month. We had a great time and they were fun to work with. I love it when they come up with fun ideas…here’s one of my favorites!

Nipple Ring Engagement

It was a pleasure photographing Val and Young in Scottsdale, Arizona a few weeks ago. The weather was perfect and we had an intense sunset. I liked Young right off the bat when he approached me with a big hug. But he had me a while back…when I first heard about how he proposed to Val. I liked him before I even met him. Here’s the story:

Young walked in with a sweatshirt on…something unusual in the heat of an Arizona autumn.  “What are you doing with THAT on?” Val asked.   He sheepishly looked down,  “Uh, I got a nipple ring today.”  Val shot him that you’ve gotta be kidding me look. “Well let me see it” she said.  Young pulled off his sweatshirt and then shirt to reveal a diamond ring scotch taped to his right nipple. Val walked over for a closer look. “That’s a really nice ring!” she said in shock.  “Would you like to try it on?”

Here are some of my favorite photos from the shoot.

And of course…I had to get a photo of that nipple ring!

Rebecca and Derek Engagement Shoot!

Wow! I had a BLAST photographing these two! Rebecca and Derek both work on Broadway (that’s how they met!) and they are a KICK! Can’t wait for their wedding this fall! Here are a few of our favorite images

Engagement Session in the Delta

Bride’s Choice Award 2011