Turtles Hatch during Wedding Ceremony!

I love beach weddings anyway, but this one I must say, was da bomb! Shelby and Mark are two beautiful people, inside and out. And when two people like this find each other I just think it’s magical.
They planned their wedding where Shelby spent her winters throughout her childhood, the small Mexican town of Los Barriles, about 90 minutes North of Cabo on the Sea of Cortez.  Although the day was hot and muggier than usual for this time of year, the pre-ceremony set up and photos went well and the ceremony was smooth as a good tequila.

Shelby and Mark

Shelby and Mark

Ceremony Site where the sea turtles hatched

Ceremony Site where the sea turtles hatched

After the kiss and Shelby and Mark took that first walk together as husband and wife, we were exiting the beach to lead the guests toward the cocktail hour, but that wasn’t to be. A guest came and grabbed me at this point “You’re not going to believe this but a nest of sea turtles started hatching while the ceremony was going on!” Holy Crap! This changed everything! I quick grabbed the bride and groom and we walked over to what was now a crowd of guests standing over a wiggling flapping nest of darling baby turtles!

Sea turtles still coming up!

Sea turtles still coming up!

The nest

The nest

Apparently there were guests who witnessed the turtles beginning to emerge from the sand. At first they didn’t know what the heck it was, but they soon realized what was going on. They didn’t want to disturb the ceremony with this event so they made the decision to wait until after the ceremony to announce to those who hadn’t seen the hatch.






In many cultures, turtles are good luck. They are a sign of creation, strength, longevity and fertility. What a great gateway into a marriage for Shelby and Mark! I wish the best for them and I think maybe they will have LOTS of kids!

Smokin Hot Football

I had a great time shooting some studio portraits of Tobi, one of Rio Vista’s exchange students from Austria. He brought the same intensity to the studio that he carries on the field and you can see that in his eyes. Very determined young man.
Thank you Studio b in Rescue California, for showing me the technique on the flames!

Tobi heatin it up

Tobi heatin it up   

This was not done in Photoshop! Just ask Julie Griffin..she’s the one who lit the football (and blew it out!)


Michelle & Andrew’s Wedding

Had a great time shooting Michelle and Andrew’s engagement session AND wedding this year! Here’s a quick look at their wedding highlights.

Michelle & Andrew’s Wedding.

BIG Sunday! Windsurfing at the Sign, Sherman Island, California Delta

Those of you who know me know how I LOVE windsports! I love kiteboarding and windsurfing wherever and whenever I can.  I live in two windy locations on purpose! The California Delta in the summer and Baja in the winter.

It’s been a crazy windy June so far and I really like to sail the morning after shooting a wedding. Its really the best thing for my body…helps get me up, excited and moving and (usually) having a blast out on the water when I’d really rather stay in bed. Yesterday’s morning session was just amazing and I knew it was going to crank when I stepped outside for sunset photos with my bride and groom and felt that wonderful Delta breeze cooling down the vineyards in Lodi. So I remembered to take my camera to the river (AND remembered to load a new CF card!) and after sailing my arms into exhaustion on my VERY smallest gear (3.3 sail and tiny Open Ocean glass board), I sat on the levee and shot some of my fellow sailors.  Here are some of my favorite images of the morning. Oh…there are more images here: http://1609218630.pictology.com/
Click on link: BIG SUNDAY – Windsurfing at the Sign
Then click on
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If you’d like to order prints, its easy from this site. If you want a digital download, I can’t remove the shipping cost, so I lowered the price of the image to $1.00 and ‘shipping’ is $5.95 so the digital downloads are $6.95 and I’ll get them to you quickly. They won’t have the watermark 🙂

Thanks and happy sailing!


























Sara and Chris married at Oak Farm Vineyards!

I really enjoyed photographing Sara and Chris’ wedding at Oak Farm Vineyards! Super sweet families and friends in attendance and I think Sara was one of the mellowest brides I’ve ever photographed.



Sara and Chris chose to do the ‘First Look’ and then take a majority of the family photos before the ceremony.


They did their own flowers and favors and invitations, and brought in some of their favorite brews from Seattle, where the couple currently lives.




Jolene at Specialty Cakes created their cake and Angelina’s went over the top with a delicious meal for us while the guys at Elite kept the evening paced just right.



Here are a few more of my favorite photos and details from the day!







Congratulation Annie! Rio Vista Senior Portraits

It was a pleasure working with Annie last week. What a smart and beautiful girl!  She’s a small town girl with big time goals (hopes to design wine labels one day) and soon to graduate.

I wish her the best of luck!  Here are a few of my favorites from our shoot.







Engaged! Michele and Greg Take it South of the Border with a Baja Engagement Session

I liked Michele and Greg from the get-go. They stepped into my studio as my clients and I felt as if they left as my friends. Always seeking adventure in their lives, they decided to trust my suggestion

that they fly to Southern Baja for their engagement session.  I’ve been spending my winters about an hour north of Cabo since 1989 and I just knew they’d like it down there.  They arrived on Valentine’s Day and

hit the ground running…actually, dancing since my husband’s band was playing at the local venue.  Our ‘smile muscles’ definitely hurt that night more than our feet!

We had several photo sessions in between morning workouts, playtime and chowing on some great eats.  Our first session was on the beach.MGE-0010




Later we drove north to an old mining town and explored some of the old buildings and the cobblestone streets.



I love the texture of the old walls and doors.



Greg and Michele are just too cute together! I can’t wait to shoot their wedding this Spring at Viaggio Estate and Winery.