Turtles Hatch during Wedding Ceremony!

I love beach weddings anyway, but this one I must say, was da bomb! Shelby and Mark are two beautiful people, inside and out. And when two people like this find each other I just think it’s magical.
They planned their wedding where Shelby spent her winters throughout her childhood, the small Mexican town of Los Barriles, about 90 minutes North of Cabo on the Sea of Cortez.  Although the day was hot and muggier than usual for this time of year, the pre-ceremony set up and photos went well and the ceremony was smooth as a good tequila.

Shelby and Mark

Shelby and Mark

Ceremony Site where the sea turtles hatched

Ceremony Site where the sea turtles hatched

After the kiss and Shelby and Mark took that first walk together as husband and wife, we were exiting the beach to lead the guests toward the cocktail hour, but that wasn’t to be. A guest came and grabbed me at this point “You’re not going to believe this but a nest of sea turtles started hatching while the ceremony was going on!” Holy Crap! This changed everything! I quick grabbed the bride and groom and we walked over to what was now a crowd of guests standing over a wiggling flapping nest of darling baby turtles!

Sea turtles still coming up!

Sea turtles still coming up!

The nest

The nest

Apparently there were guests who witnessed the turtles beginning to emerge from the sand. At first they didn’t know what the heck it was, but they soon realized what was going on. They didn’t want to disturb the ceremony with this event so they made the decision to wait until after the ceremony to announce to those who hadn’t seen the hatch.






In many cultures, turtles are good luck. They are a sign of creation, strength, longevity and fertility. What a great gateway into a marriage for Shelby and Mark! I wish the best for them and I think maybe they will have LOTS of kids!

2 Comments on “Turtles Hatch during Wedding Ceremony!

  1. Lori… how awesome is this!!? Lucky for the couple, but lucky that they had you as their photographer and was able to capture this cool moment!

    • Thanks Lora! It was an amazing experience and everyone there felt as if they were part of something very special.

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