Swimming with Whale Sharks

Since the early 90’s my husband and I have been spending our winters in Baja. We are very thankful to live in such a beautiful place with so many amazing things to do! For the second time this year we joined a boatload of friends and swam with whale sharks just outside of the Bay of La Paz.  The whale sharks like to hang out in Southern Baja too and can most likely be found there December and January, but sometimes stay as long as April. The visibility wasn’t that great today, but I did get a few shots of these incredible creatures before they outswam us.

Here’s Thea checking out our first one…


Then our buddy John B had this big one swim right under himJOHNB-1

And MacRae dived down to get a closer look…but you can see how poor the visibility was. It’s been so windy that the shallow sandy bottom was still stirred up.



Fiona had some great swims too, right beside these guys. The boat captains are pretty good about getting you in the water in the right place at the right time.


Pretty neat stuff! And I’m back to album design and some photo editing now for the rest of the week…or ok…at least until the next adventure materializes!

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