Nipple Ring Engagement

It was a pleasure photographing Val and Young in Scottsdale, Arizona a few weeks ago. The weather was perfect and we had an intense sunset. I liked Young right off the bat when he approached me with a big hug. But he had me a while back…when I first heard about how he proposed to Val. I liked him before I even met him. Here’s the story:

Young walked in with a sweatshirt on…something unusual in the heat of an Arizona autumn.  “What are you doing with THAT on?” Val asked.   He sheepishly looked down,  “Uh, I got a nipple ring today.”  Val shot him that you’ve gotta be kidding me look. “Well let me see it” she said.  Young pulled off his sweatshirt and then shirt to reveal a diamond ring scotch taped to his right nipple. Val walked over for a closer look. “That’s a really nice ring!” she said in shock.  “Would you like to try it on?”

Here are some of my favorite photos from the shoot.

And of course…I had to get a photo of that nipple ring!

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