I Hate Cancer

It’s been a sad few months.  Lost a couple of buddies to this dreadful disease and learned of a few more friends with recent diagnoses.  It has me sad…angry…indifferent and frustrated.  At the same time I’ve found a new attitude toward life, realizing how short life really is.  How blessed we all are to be healthy and happy and loved.

Hardest wedding I ever photographed was that of Allison and Wes last month.  Wes called me and asked if I could come to the hospital to take some photos…that he and Allison were going to get married.  Allison was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer about 5 years ago.  Allison was  fighter.  She fought hard not only to beat the cancer that was already in her bones, but to keep her family and friends from knowing her pain.  When the cancer moved into her liver it became evident.

On a windy Wednesday, friends and family members went out and bought her a gown, a bouquet and some fancy shoes.  They dressed her with care and we took some family photos with Allison in her hospital bed and then in the wheelchair.  Slowly, Wes wheeled his bride and the love of his life down to the Chapel at Mercy San Juan Hospital.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the vicinity.

That Sunday, Allison died peacefully in her hospital bed, surrounded by family and friends.

Sail On Allison!

Allison and Wes

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