Sacramento Bride and Groom Magazine

Well…I did it. I decided to go for it by placing an ad in Sacramento Bride and Groom Magazine. Very exciting for me since it’s my first ad with them and I like the look and feel of the magazine. They’ve called for a short interview, so I’m curious to hear what type of questions they ask. As you may know, I do my share of writing for the Delta Explorer Magazine and I take the photos that go along with each story. I’ve had some great opportunities to meet and get to know some fascinating people that live and work in the Delta and the surrounding areas. My stories have included profiles on Al the Wop’s Bar and Restaurant in Locke, The River’s Edge in Isleton, The Ryde Hotel in Ryde, The Old Sugarmill in Clarksburg, Korth’s Pirate’s Lair on Brannon Island, Access Adventure in Fairfield, Amy Acuff – Acupuncturist and Olympic High Jumper from Isleton, Schumacher Ceramics in Clarksburg and Healing Touch Day Spa in Rio Vista. I’ll post the links to these articles soon.

Oh, I almost forgot…here are some of the images I’ve either submitted recently to magazines, or hope to submit soon, either for publication or for ad purposes. I always get permission first, and most brides and models are thrilled that their images will appear in a magazine. But hey, be sure to let me know if you object to being published.

Roy and Mary Kay in the Vineyard at Amorosa Inn and Gardens, Lodi

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